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What degrees did the successful women in Israel study?


The story of 6 of the most powerful and successful women in the Israeli economy, among them the president of the association, attorney Esther Barak Lands.

פרופ' יפעת ביטון (צילום_ אילן בשור)

"An equality commission is needed
in any organization"

Extra, Haaretz commercial department

The leading activist jurist Prof. Yifat Biton moderated the panel of graduates of the College of Administration on the occasion of Women's Day and tells about the challenges that women still face in the 21st century


A lever for gender equality


The gender gaps that sharpened in the months of the Corona virus posed new challenges to the ProWoman association and leveraged its activities. The representatives of the association tell how the crisis was translated into action.

דה מרקר גירלבוס.png

 human capital


The managers of today teach the managers of tomorrow that it is possible to have a successful career

and combine family and relationship life.


The lounge: Unistream Global

Maariv 06/17/20

The Unistream association held two online international investment committees during which innovative start-ups were presented.
Esther Barak Lands, president of an association
Pro-Woman participated in the online conference of the international organization women in tech, which for the first time launched activities in Israel as well. Bark-Lands participated in the conference alongside 150 female speakers from sixty countries around the world. 

Photo by Christina @ o

Global network to boost women in tech sets up Israel chapter

The Times of Israel


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ProWoman prepares students to balance family and career

Israel21c 08/19/20

Israeli nonprofit meets young women at the stage before starting a family and a job, providing feminine models of success and practical advice

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