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Meet, ProWoman Next!

Starting in September 2020, our alumni club will rise to the next level, and will offer much more for all the graduates of the program for their generations and those to come.

Meet the ProWoman Next club!

In light of the association's significant growth in the last two years, which is reflected in the new programs that open every year, in overseas programs, in exciting collaborations with large companies, and more.

We thought it was time to upgrade the senior club as well.

The student program is such a significant chapter in the life of the Peru women that it was important for us to preserve the points of contact with them even at the important junctures in their lives after graduation. It was important for us to ensure the continuity of their motivation and self-confidence so that we could move towards the long-awaited goal -

To promote female leadership and to staff excellent women in senior key positions and in all fields.

So that it does not remain a vision, we have expanded our contents and added unique and high-quality services.

The new club will include:

Center for vocational guidance

With the launch of the new club, the ProWoman Next career guidance center will be launched. It will be led by an experienced and leading professional. She will help the female club members in several ways:

Exactly the occupational direction you are looking for, in refining your resume, in preparation for a job interview, in mm skills about employment conditions and salary and a conversation about the job market in the new world.

The job pool is closed to club members

Will include jobs from leading companies such as Intuit, Microsoft, Google, Playtica and more. The page is closed and access will be given to graduates of the program only. Graduates who submit to these positions a letter of intent stating the fact that they are graduates of Proman will receive preference during the CV screening phase.

ProWoman Next job fair

Already these days the first job fair of the ProWoman Next club is being planned. The goal is to make the fair a tradition, to give a platform to our excellent graduates and an opportunity for companies to access a high-quality pool of women. This year's fair will be held in a virtual format, appropriate for the times of the Corona virus, and leading and large companies will participate in it alongside growing startups. More details to come.

events and workshops

Already this year, despite and thanks to the corona virus, we made sure to enter a lot of content for our graduates. on all kinds of topics that interested them. Events with fascinating lectures from the most interesting and inspiring women out there, desirable professional workshops. At ProWoman Next we increase the pace. More events, more workshops and more live shows. Entry to membership will of course be free!

Mentoring - and much more

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