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Vision and mission

We support women at all stages of their careers: in their first steps in the career field, in career advancement and changing professional direction

Many difficulties stand in the way of career management and they are even more numerous when it comes to women in the labor market. 
The Froman association offers women a range of tools for successful career management:

The academic program:18 academic centers across the country that have been operating for a decade programs that include meetings between female students at the beginning of their professional careers and leading career women in their fields, workshops, trainings, and professional tours of leading companies and organizations in the economy and more
The Next Club:The club is designed for graduates of the academic program and operates a series of tools for support and guidance at the various career stages such as: career counselors, networking, personal trainers, workshops, lectures and more..
Activity supporting organizations:Cooperation between leading organizations in the economy and the Peruman association, which aims to promote women in the labor market and includes, among other things, professional trainings to impart management skills, soft skills and more.
the next step:Extra-academic programs - opening programs intended for women who are not students, with the aim of accompanying, guiding and helping them to pave a path in their careers and personal lives.

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