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How did we establish the first branch outside of Israel?


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July 20

Corona and women

During the Corona period, we found out that a team was established by the National Security Council for the purpose of managing the Corona crisis, one of the most complex crises humanity has faced since World War II, but this team did not initially include any women - with the exception of one research assistant).

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July 15

How did we shift all activity to digital in a week?

The consequences of the corona virus, which came and affected our lives in almost every possible way, did not miss the ProWman association. Due to the situation, we had to make quick; Even before it was clear how long the confusing period would last that did not allow us to hold the meetings in order, we jumped into the water and decided to hold the meetings using zoom.


This podcast was born out of the desire to inspire even those who do not participate in the program and to reach as many young, determined and ambitious women as possible. Every month a new episode was released, with a new theme. We will host women and men with an interesting story and experience in various aspects of career, family and personal life. So if you and yours want to get some inspiration, this podcast is just for you!

July 27

Chapter 5 Nega Korem - how to turn a hobby into a profession

In the 6th episode of our podcast, we met with Nega Korem, a professional cyclist, Israeli enduro champion (riding style) and a world-class competitor, who did just that! From a hobby that started in class at the age of 12, she built an amazing career. Nega will tell us about the doubts she had along the way, the difficulties she encountered and the place of women as professional athletes in Israel and in the world.

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