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to award the grant

Did you plan to donate your grant? We'd love for you to give it to us.
These days it is evident that countries run by women are coping better with the corona crisis. Unfortunately, this is not the case with us. We at Peruman want to see more women in key positions in Israel as well and to promote gender equality and female representation, and this is your opportunity to help with that.

Who are we and what will we do with the grant?

  • to open branches in other colleges and branches and around the world

  • Fund scholarships for underprivileged female students

  • to help women find work   (In light of the situation, unfortunately, there are more women without a livelihood)

  • And lots and lots of wonderful things.


Help us help women break boundaries ❤️

תרומת המענק

ProWoman  is an association operating since 2012 to promote women to senior positions and nodes of influence. The organization operates unique programs for ambitious female students at 12 of the leading academic institutions in Israel and a branch in New York. 
As part of the programs, the students meet with senior women in the world of business, high-tech, the public and the third sector, who provide them with models for inspiration and a platform for discussions about self-fulfillment, career development and finding balance alongside personal life.
The graduates of the integrated program in managerial positions in leading companies in the economy,   enjoy an extensive network of professional connections and connections that help them advance further in each of the career stages.

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