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Successful women who come to tell their story,
To inspire and help the participants of the program
pave their professional path

The speakers in the Fromman program are successful women who have come a long way in their careers and are interested in helping and contributing
from their knowledge and experience for women who are at the beginning of their professional path.

The connection between the speaker and the program participants is made in an intimate meeting where the students hear from the speaker
About her professional and personal path, about the challenges she faced and the ways in which she acted.
The spokespeople come from a wide variety of roles, from the public, private and third sectors.
They are hired or self-employed, entrepreneurs, trailblazers or those who have an interesting career story and especially those
who feel that they have fulfilled themselves and want to help other women to do the same.

A woman who is interested in being a speaker in the association and has experience speaking in front of an audience will be invited to an introductory interview after her,
You will enter the distinguished list of over 400 spokespeople with senior positions from Israel and abroad who volunteer
in the association and you will meet with the participants in one or more of our programs spread throughout the country and abroad.
To join, write to us by

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