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Alumni Club

Accompanying and supporting the important career decisions, Providing information and tools for success, targeting motivation and strengthening self-confidence 

Women who have completed the Fromman academic program join the group of graduates that includes a group of hundreds of women that grows stronger every year. The activity of the group of graduates is done formally through the Prowoman Next club and the jobs group on WhatsApp and also informally through meetings held once a month for the purpose of dating and networking. In the Prowoman Next club, there are many contents such as workshops, career counselors, personal trainers and more designed for female graduates looking for career advancement and self-fulfillment alongside personal advancement. The informal graduate meetings lead to many collaborations between the graduates - both in the career world and outside of it. The purpose of the club and the meetings of the graduates is to continue the accompaniment and support of the graduates in their important career decisions so that they receive all the information and tools for their success as well as the focus of motivation and the strengthening of the self-confidence of each of the graduates. The activities of the graduates are suitable for anyone who wants to develop and enrich themselves, learn and increase the circle of personal and professional connections. For any information, request and question you can contact us directly:


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