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The Academic Program

Intended for female students from different and diverse fields of study who crave knowledge in everything related to the world of work

The students in the program meet spokespeople from the world of work and learn from them what a successful career woman's working day looks like, what helped her succeed, what challenged her, what obstacles she faced and how she overcame them. At ProWoman, women who have established themselves each in their field, empower other women to help female students from all sectors achieve equality and recognition of their abilities and skills. For example, career women in senior management positions share their successes alongside the difficulties and challenges they faced on the way to success, women who succeeded in developing themselves in fields that did not exist or where there was no female foothold, paving the way for other women, both in meeting them and in the advice they share with The women who are just starting to build a career for themselves.

How much easier it is for women to aspire to go far when they meet a female model of entrepreneurs, influencers, creativity, hires and independents, who enjoy the fruits of their success or already mark the next destination they want to conquer. How much the path each student wants to chart for herself becomes clear when there is already someone who charted the path for her, marked the path she might follow and sometimes also opened a window for her to a world that the student did not even allow herself to dream about.

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